How Can You Relieve Stress By Involving Your Siblings in Your Care Efforts for Your Parent?

In most situations, the needs of an elderly adult are more than one person can handle comfortably and effectively. Reaching out for help does not mean you don’t want to care for your parent, or that you aren’t dedicating yourself enough to it. Instead, it means you want what’s best for them and also to protect yourself and your well-being.


Elder Care in Stratford CT: Caregiver Stress Relief
Elder Care in Stratford CT: Caregiver Stress Relief


If you have siblings, including them in the care of your parent can be an extremely beneficial way to relieve stress and also improve your parent’s quality of life.
Having the opportunity to be connected with all of their children as much as possible will make your parent feel important, involved, acknowledged, and appreciated. Getting your siblings involved in this care routine isn’t always easy, especially if they don’t live in the same area, but there are ways that they can help that are beneficial to both your parents and you.


Some ways you can relieve stress in your care journey by involving your siblings include:

-Encourage them to reach out to your parent more often. Many elderly adults struggle with feelings of depression and loneliness, and these can lead to a variety of problems. Not only will your senior be more likely to feel depression and anxiety if they are lonely, but they may also experience more physical health problems and be more likely to go to the emergency room and also readmit within 30 days after diagnosis. Getting regular contact with people they love and not feeling as though they are alone can greatly reduce these issues.


-Be open and honest with them about what you need. Even if your siblings spend time with your parent, they may not know what your senior has been facing. They may also not be aware of the care efforts you give your parent. Being willing to be open and honest with your siblings lets them know exactly what you are facing, how you handle it, and what you need to improve your care and ease your stress.


-Encourage them to do what’s right for them. Not everyone has the same amount of time, the same resources, or the same abilities when it comes to caring for elderly adults. Make sure your siblings understand that even if they can’t care for your parent in the exact same way as you do, what they can do is still beneficial. For example, your sibling may live at a distance and not be able to be with your parents often, but they can order groceries for them or take on paying some of their bills. These tasks are still extremely helpful even if they are not exactly the same as the care you give.


There are likely to be times in your caregiver journey when you are unable to care for your parent, are torn between your parent’s care needs and another responsibility, or you simply need a break.

When this happens, respite senior care can be an exceptional resource. With this type of care, a senior home care services provider will step in to fill your senior’s care needs. This care provider is available on a temporary or urgent basis to ensure your senior continues to get the care they need when you are not available to care for them. This means if you are sick or are caring for a sick family member, you need to be with your children for an activity or event, you are feeling stressed and burned out and need a break, or you are planning some time away, you can still feel confident your parent is getting all the care they need. This allows you to relax and focus on what you are doing well knowing your parent is in good hands.


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