Five Ways to Keep Stress from Winning

Elderly Care in Fairfield CT: Five Ways to Keep Stress from Winning
Elderly Care in Fairfield CT: Five Ways to Keep Stress from Winning

Stress is definitely something you will battle as a caregiver, but you can’t let it win. Following some of these tips can help you to make sure you come out on top when you wrestle with stress again.

Learn When to Say When

Most family caregivers tend to keep pushing themselves, even when they should be taking it easy. Learn when your limitations are nearing and determine what you’re going to do about it. Take the time to allow yourself to recover and to rest, because you need it.

Expand Your Social Network

Your social network tends to shrink when you become a caregiver. Friends and family may not understand that you don’t have time and energy to devote to the activities you used to engage in and may fall by the wayside. Finding a support group for other caregivers is a huge help and allows you to meet other caregivers just like yourself.

Reach out for Practical Help

As much as you might want to, you can’t do everything by yourself as a caregiver. You need practical help from time to time, which means you need to become more open to asking for and receiving help. Hiring elderly care providers is another way you can get the help that you need.

Get out in Nature More

Nature is underrated. Spending some time among trees, birds, and animals can be incredibly uplifting. Look for ways to bring nature inside, too, because that’s a way to capture those feelings when you can’t get out as much as you might want. Even something as simple as a potted plant on a windowsill can be exactly what you need.

Release Your Feelings

Learning how to deal with your feelings is vital as a caregiver. You might find that journaling is helpful or that talking with a friend helps. Whatever it is that you find helps you to release your feelings, make time for more of that in your life. When you do that, you’ll find that it’s easier to cope with those feelings when they crop up again.

If you’re trying these sorts of activities and you’re still experiencing a stress overload, there may be more you can do. Find a counselor or a therapist that you trust and learn what tools you can put to work for you. It’s worth the time and the effort to determine the best solution for you.

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