What Might Trigger Psoriasis?

Elderly Care in Fairfield CT: What Might Trigger Psoriasis?

Psoriasis is the leading autoimmune disease throughout the United States, affecting more than seven million people. This is more than two percent of the total population of the country. Of those, 25% of people suffering psoriasis is considered either moderate or severe. As a family caregiver, you should know that this condition is not just a cosmetic condition. Approximately 60% of those living with the condition report that their psoriasis has a negative impact on their quality of life on a daily basis. For most people, environmental and lifestyle issues can cause and worsen psoriasis. This issues are called triggers, and understanding them can help you to better care for your senior as they deal with this condition.

Some common psoriasis triggers include:

  • Stress
  • Injury or trauma to the skin such as scratches or sunburns
  • Taking certain medications
  • Infections
  • Illness, particularly strep throat
  • Suppression of the immune system
  • Eating certain foods, such as dairy or processed meats
  • Cold weather
  • Dry weather
  • Alcohol

It is important to note that each person’s experience with psoriasis is different, which means they will experience different triggers. What triggers one person might not bother anyone else. This makes it very important for your parent to evaluate their symptoms and identify triggers so they can better avoid them, and reduce the risk of symptoms.

If your aging parent experiences a psoriasis during cold and flu season, even if they do not have any strep throat symptoms, encourage your parent to visit their doctor. Those with psoriasis may experience a flare when they are suffering illness or infection, while not expressing other symptoms. As these can be very dangerous for your elderly parent, it is important to catch them as early as possible so they can be managed and treated effectively.

If you are a family caregiver for an aging parent who is dealing with a health issue such as psoriasis, starting elderly care can be a great way to help them manage their health issue in the way that is right for them. Health problems such as psoriasis it can be caused or worsened by triggers your senior can encounter during their daily life. The customer services of an elderly home care services provider can help them to not only recognize their individual triggers, but also to modify their daily routine to help reduce their exposure to these triggers. This empowers your parent to better take care of their own health, and manage their condition more effectively. Helping your parent avoid their triggers can include services such as assisting with grocery shopping, meal preparation, helping with tidying around the home, and more.


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