Tools for Family Caregivers, Who are Going it Alone

What Are Your Best Tools When You’re Trying to Be a Lone Caregiver?

Starting out as a new family caregiver is intimidating. There’s so much to do and you might feel as if there’s no one else who can help you at all. You might be wrong, though.

Home Care in Norwalk: Don't Go it Alone, Home Care Can Help!
Home Care in Norwalk: Don’t Go it Alone, Home Care Can Help!


Give up on the Idea of Doing Everything Alone

For many caregivers, the idea of “it’s all on me” is so prevalent that they literally cannot see any other way to get things done. If that’s the case for you, the first thing that you need to do is to let go of that belief. There are plenty of agencies and groups that can help you and you probably have friends and other people who want to help. You just need to find them. In fact, Executive Care provides home care in Norwalk for many seniors who have only one family caregiver. It’s a huge relief to that family.

Find and Join a Support Group

Talking to other caregivers is a great way to learn about what other options you have available. Not all caregiver support groups are the same, so if you don’t feel as if one is right for you, try another. You’ll soon find the right combination of people for you and you’ll be able to share your experience with other caregivers.

Remember that Asking for Help Is Powerful and Positive

For some people, asking for help at all is really difficult. It feels as if it’s a weakness and something that they shouldn’t be doing, especially if they’re the one in charge of taking care of someone else. In reality, asking for help is empowering. You’re acknowledging that the situation is bigger than you are and that you’re open to the help that other people can provide.

Talk to a Counselor

If asking for help and receiving that help gracefully is difficult, there may be other issues going on. Try talking to a counselor about how you’re feeling and what’s going on. A counselor can help you to work through what you’re experiencing and get through to the other side.

Hire Some Help

In the absence of friends and other family members, you still have options. In fact, hiring home care providers can be even more helpful to you because they know exactly what it’s like to be a caregiver. They’ve helped plenty of people just like you and your senior and they can show you how to make life even easier for both of you.

You may be the only person in your senior’s life who can be her primary caregiver, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be on your own all the time. Put these and other tools that you find to good use as soon as possible

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