Four Tips for Helping Your Senior Dodge a UTI

Home Care Services in Shelton CT: Four Tips for Helping Your Senior Dodge a UTI
Home Care Services in Shelton CT: Four Tips for Helping Your Senior Dodge a UTI

Urinary tract infections can be extremely painful and if your senior isn’t lucky, she might find that she keeps getting them when she thinks she’s healed. There are some things that your elderly family member can do to help her avoid a UTI and most of them are fairly simple.

Check How Much Water She’s Drinking

If your elderly family member isn’t getting enough water in each day, that can create problems for her. She needs to be drinking enough water to help her urinary system work well and flush out the bacteria and waste that the urinary system stores. Everyone needs different amounts of water, so make sure that you talk with your elderly family member’s doctor about the right amount of water for her. This can be really important if your senior doesn’t enjoy drinking water because she might be trying to drink more than she really needs.

Schedule Some Bathroom Breaks

Regular bathroom breaks help your senior to flush out the water that she’s now drinking more of on a daily basis. At first, she may feel as if she’s going to the bathroom constantly, but that evens out as her body grows accustomed to the increased amount of water she’s drinking. It’s at that point that the scheduled bathroom breaks can be helpful because it’s easy to forget. When she’s going at regular intervals, she’s more likely to be able to flush harmful bacteria away before they have a chance to multiply.

Talk to Her Doctor about Supplements

Some supplements, such as vitamin C, might be helpful for your elderly family member in order to ward off infections. But before your senior starts taking anything, it’s a good idea to talk with her doctor about the plan. The reasoning behind this is that you want to make sure that you’re not encouraging your senior to take anything that might interfere with medications that she’s already taking. If your senior’s doctor okays it, then supplements might be really helpful.

Learn Your Senior’s Early Warning Signs

Everyone’s body has different warning signs that something isn’t quite right. For older adults, the signs of a bladder infection are not the same as they are for younger people. Your senior might find herself getting confused more often or she might be irritable. Learning these early signs that she might have a bladder infection can help you to get her to her doctor quickly.

Work with your senior’s doctor to help your elderly family member to recognize what might make her more susceptible to UTIs. With the help of home care providers, you can set up a schedule for your elderly family member that keeps her bladder functioning as well as possible.

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