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Hello everyone, I am Michael Savoie. I own Cammie LLC DBA Executive Care with my mother, Camille, and my sister, Robin.

Our family has been working together serving our community since 1987. We were restaurant owners for 27 years before transitioning to home care back in 2014. There are two very important things in common with growing up in a very close-knit Italian household, family and food. Both of them revolve heavily around hard work and love. Which brings us to where we are today in ‘Home Care’.

You may be asking, “Why home care?” Serving the elderly has always been a part of who we are. We are, in a sense “natural caregivers”. Unfortunately, we’ve had seven close family members pass away within a very short time period of one another. Through all of it, we’ve watched our mom Camille care for every one of them.

During that difficult time of our loved ones passing, our mom cared for family members for four straight years without any relief from outside help. She seemed to have a passion for it. Yet it took such a mental and physical toll on her to the point she would put her own resistance at risk. She was in a state of exhaustion all the time. So with that being said, we know from experience how difficult and draining it can be caring for a loved one.

Years later, we had an opportunity to help the elderly and fulfill our mother’s passion. After considering many home care franchises, we decided on Executive Care. Because like us, they were a family of caregivers, and made us feel at ease. They were exactly what we were looking for.

From the very first day we had a vision of providing exemplary care and the dream of never having to see anyone suffer as much as our mom did. Our goal is having a good, truthful, and most importantly, reliable agency that affords family the opportunity to be with their loved ones and to spend quality time with them without the extra added stress of all the physical duties that are involved.

We understand all the concerns and fears that may come along, so we will be there to guide you every step of the way.

We are happy to answer any questions and/or concerns you may have. Our doors are always open (and sanitized), no strings attached!

Trusting someone means you have the confidence in our help and you feel safe, physically and emotionally.

It would be our honor to assist you and your loved ones on this next journey, as simple stress-free and peaceful as we can make it.

Michael, Robin & Camille Savoie

What People Are Saying About Us

Executive Care had the two most wonderful ladies providing care for my loved one. My uncle adored them. The office was so responsive. They were so easy to communicate with. They saw that I was so overwhelmed and reduced all of my worries. They get it.
Arthur K on Executive Home Care of Stratford
I would highly recommend Executive Care! We hired them to take care of our 92 year old mom who needed round the clock care. The aides were great! They helped her with her day to day needs and showed great care. Mike and his staff (especially Filly) were so great to work with. They gave us such peace of mind knowing that our mom was being looked after when we couldn't be there, we were so fortunate to have them as caretakers!
Client Lynn G from Fairfield County about Executive Home Care of Stratford, Ct
I would like to take a moment to give my highest rating to Executive Care. My mom was suffering from both chronic orthopedic issues and the onset of Alzheimer's. Knowing she wanted to remain in her home, we engaged Executive to care for her and were so happy we did. My mom was provided with extremely efficient and loving care by her primary caregiver named Monica. And the entire office staff was always courteous and helpful. When my mom passed away at age 92, I am certain that the last 18 months of her life were happier and of a much higher quality than if we had gone a different route. For these reasons, I enthusiastically recommend Executive Care for anyone in a similar situation.
Alfred S from Fairfield County Connecticut
I used Executive Cares services for my mom. The office staff was so wonderful and supportive. Their caregivers were also knowledgeable, very personal and always dressed neatly. I would refer them to all of my friends.
Beth H about Executive Home Care of Stratford, Ct

Our Mission

At Executive Care, our mission is to improve quality of life for our clients and their families, while focusing on service excellence.

Our Vision

To be the Home Care company of choice for clients, their families, caregivers and our community.

Our Values

What makes Executive Care unique is our devotion to client experience. At Executive Care, providing our clients with peace of mind is more than a corporate mission statement; it is the sole reason for doing what we do.

Our Brand Promise

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